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“Blessed and Grateful”

I wanna sit down and take the time to thank some amazing people! Tonight was a success and truly meant the world to me. To each and everyone of you that took the time to support me, to come to my show, bought a ticket, bought a shirt, posted and reposted and helped me spread the word about my shows you will never really know what it means and I am beyond grateful!

Singing, dancing, writing and producing my music is my craft and i put my all in it but then to have the support from all of you just makes it that much more special!

I wanna thank my amazing dancers Emily Pratt and Brittney Barba, you ladies are amazing and it would not have been the same without you. I’m so sorry that we couldn’t show our final song but the next set of shows will definitely show people what we worked so hard on. Travis Sabolik my guitarist, man you truly made a dream and a vision of mine come true by letting me show a more intimate side of things. I’m amazed at your talents and how quickly you can learn a song. I know this isn’t your genre of music per say but I’m hoping this could be the start of something amazing! Christina Joy Wycoff my merchandising coordinator you have no idea what you started lol, I’m so proud of how well you handled my crazy OCD ass. You brought my ideas to life and gave them a heart beat. And the ladies who help me approve all my ideas Gabi Villalta and Alicia Gill I know I be bouncing so many ideas and shit off to you both and you guys continue to keep me focused on the best parts. From vocals, to music, to logo approvals, and dances, song choices, outfit approval, modeling my clothing lol the list goes on it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

And last but not least not only the people who supported this show but to all of my friends, family, co- workers and fans thank you for your unconditional love and continued support from 2 years old to 28. You make me visualize my dreams and show me that im right where I need to be!

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